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As the Rest of the World is Focused on this CoronaVirus...And Civil/Economic Chaos...  
DON'T TAKE YOUR EYES OFF DAN 11:13-17 !!! That is the REAL STORY !! The Virus
And Civil/Economic Chaos is a Distraction (old jedi mind-trick). 

DAN 11:13-17 IS THE REAL STORY !!!!! Is anybody Listening ?! Hello ???


Please see BIG RED 40 Update about the middle of this Page.


This very simple, non-religious, non-commercial, website is an accumulation of one person's respectful reflections and deductions (and some speculation) about God and the bible.

......There is so much information on the Internet and so much hurry..... why should you slow down for this odd little site ? 
All I can say is that all of the apparently unique discoveries/deductions/conclusions that have been written here have taken me by surprise. But they have deepened my perception of God and the Bible beyond measure. And like a 'fire in my bones' I don't think I could live if I didn't share them. 

So, take a deep breath, relax, and take your time, I hope you will find it time well spent.....

These first two subjects, the Truth about God & the Origami articles, will set the tone, it is a very different tone. :

The truth about God (the real reason there is suffering. It might surprise you)

The Cause and Treatment of  Spiritual Origami  Or: How did we get in this Mess in the first place ?!?!                                     

and please read:

An Origami Pear.....   Unfolding A new wrinkle .....


Featured Articles :

Two Articles you really need to start cogitating on, NOW !! 


a prophetic rake is stepped on.......

Timeline of the End-Times

Not an easy read....... sorry..... but things you really should know......
(new, exciting, improved ! now with very poorly drawn  2020-2021 Timeline Chart , and now the New Chart for the Next 14 Years !!  possibly the worst-looking chart on the web)
[charts updated Oct 11, 2020]  

News Updates  (latest updates on Jan 1, 2021) 


(if you came here as a result of a "King of the North" search, the info is lower on this page at "Timeline Alert". And also see both "Cracking the Bible Code" pages. thanks) 

Everything you need to know about life (well, kinda)

How the Ransom works (really!)

Cracking the Bible Code (stand aside DaVinci)

Cracking the Bible Code Part 2 (Unlocking Daniel Chapter 11)

Uncommon definitions of common words

Can Animals live Forever?

Some Bible Math  (Don't be scared, it's easy stuff)

The Timeline of the End of Time.  
(new, improved ! now with very poorly drawn 2020-2021 Timeline Chart)

The Timeline Alerts that were on this page and information about the re-emergence of the New Soviet Union were getting just a bit toooo long, so there is now a page just for for that HERE "Timeline Alerts, and KOTN" page


The Big Red 40 info has been Moved to the "Genizah" page. Cuz it was a bit wrong.    :(

           BIG RED 40 Update:      
Well, I wuz purdy sure that Dan 11:13-17 would pop on Sept 11, 2020. So, What happened ? Nothing. Well, nothing new. It was an Educated Guess, but apparently not Educated enough. But here's what I feel I do know: Reverse-O Change-O did happen And Daniel 11:13-17 is still rapidly approaching.

A careful reading of the"Unlocking Daniel" page on the Website you are now on, I believe, supports this very well.  

          Well, I'm pretty sure I've found my Problem: I can't add ! It appears that I'm        off by One Year. The starting Dates of the 40 (and 43) yrs have NOT changed !      I just added wrong (cardinal/ordinal thing)  If that is true, The New Soviet            Union will appear on Dec 25, of this year, 2020. I'll re-check my numbers and        post it here soon. -added Sept 14, 2020.

Yup, As they say,
    There are 3 kinds of people in this World:

    The Kind that can add,
    The Kind that can't.

     Counting from Dec 25, 1991, this is what you get:
     From Dec 25, 1991 to Jan 1, 1992 is only 7 days. And in point-of-fact the Soviet      Union really ended on Jan 1, 1992 (see footnote here) So, 1991 really doesn't          count. And if you've been reading here, I made a Big, Big deal that 40s in the        Bible seem to always have a "3" on them i.e. Jesus was in the Wilderness 40            days, but really started his ministry 3 days after he came back on the scene.            (John 1:29-2:1), He was in the Tomb 3 days, but then appeared to His disciples      for 40 days(=43). Israel was in Egypt 400 years, but it was really 430 years, etc.      etc.

     Using that same Principle, (of 40+3) if we start the "40 years" of "This                  Generation" at the beginning of 1992.... 40 years takes us to 2032 ('bout the            beginning of the Third Woe) And then Plus 3() years, we get 2035. (Tisha            B'Av, mid-August, 'bout 3 yrs. Then count backwards 14 years as per                  "Out-of-the-Blue". And you get Tisha B'Av 2021 NOT 2020). So, again, the          Starting Dates have NOT changed (Dec 25, 1991, which is really Jan 1, 1992.          And Dec 25, 1993, the year the Soviet System ended. please see Reverse-O).            The Only thing that has changed is my addition. (what a macaroon)  

So Watch December 25, 2020 for the Return of the Soviet Union !!!           
     And Mid-July 2021 for the Beginning of Daniel 11:13-17 !!!


Why December 25th ? Don't know really, but for the Soviet Union it's always been a big fat deal. When the Bolshevik movement really began in 1825 it was on December 25. With the imprisonment of Pavel Pestel on the 25. Although the Decembrist Revolt is usually stated as Dec 26, it really began on Dec 25, 1825. And When the Soviet Union ended in 1991, it was on December 25. And when the Soviet system ended 2 years later it was also on Dec 25, and when their new Constitution was started, it was also on Dec 25, 1993.

The only thing I've found so far as to maybe why Dec 25th is significant is that when Nebuchadnezzar invaded Jerusalem it was on, Yep, December 25. Asara B'Tevet, is the Fast commemorating the Siege of Jerusalem.

Which will be on, yup, Dec 25 this year, 2020. who knew ?

                                                                                                                                                      - added Sept 19, 2020

"Predictions are hard to make, especially about the Future."                                                                                                        -Yogi Berra's version



Who are the Beasts of Revelation chapter 13?

What is the "Mark of the Beast"? 

Evolution, (an Oblique approach)

The March of Time of the Time of March.

A Special Alert for Jehovah's Witnesses.

On Feminism.

Trinity? Or Tertium Quid?

A Disturbing Discovery     (The Impossible becomes the Unthinkable) updated Jan 2019 with some amazing info

Thought-Sherds  (40 mini-musings)

A Simple Law    (don't miss these two pages if you really want to understand the Ransom !!)  Christianity is not a Religion, it's an equation.....  oh yes it is.....

Out of the Blue... (or, a prophetic rake is stepped on.....)

A Brief Theory of Everything.....   ( an epistemological extrapolation, hehe....)

Who is Jesus ?  (hey ! what's going on ? why isn't this at the top of the page ? ......you'll see, you'll see.)

The Cause and Treatment of Spiritual Origami   Or: how did we get in this mess in the first place ?!?!

An Origami Pear.....   Unfolding A new wrinkle .....

Stradivaric Inheritance       hmmmm.....

A Horrible, Awful, Crummy, not Fun, Terrible Discovery......

(but I'm gunna tell you ennyway......)

Reverse-O Change-O     Back to The Future.... the date of the return of the Soviet Union, by simple deduction/observation ......(this is the Fulfillment of Rev 13:3, Rev 17:11)

The Truth about God (the real reason there is suffering. The Answer might surprise you)



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"You must lay aside all prejudice on both sides, and neither believe nor reject anything because any other persons... ...have rejected or believed it. Your own reason is the only oracle given you by heaven, and you are answerable, not for the rightness, but [the] uprightness of [your] decision[s].”  -Thos. Jefferson