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There is so much information on the Internet and so much hurry..... why should should you slow down for this odd little site ? 
All I can say is that all of the
apparently unique discoveries/deductions/conclusions that have been written here have taken me by surprise. But they have deepened my perception of God and the Bible beyond measure. And like a 'fire in my bones' I don't think I could live if I didn't share them. 

So, take a deep breath, relax, and take your time, I hope you will find it time well spent.....

(if you came here as a result of a "King of the North" search, the info is lower on this page at "Timeline Alert". And also see both "Cracking the Bible Code" pages. thanks) 

The subjects covered are:

The truth about God (the real reason there is suffering. It will surprise you...... well, it surprised me......)

The Cause and Treatment of  Spiritual Origami  Or: How did we get in this Mess in the first place ?!?!


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The Timeline of the End of Time.
(new, improved ! now with very poorly drawn 2018-Timeline)

Timeline Alert:

Please, Please, be aware that by Early-Mid 2018, the United States (king of south) will be so weak in terms of the middle-east that the conditions described at Daniel 11:15b "no strength to withstand" will exist. Dan 11:15b takes place at the US Baghdad Embassy in the green-zone after The New Soviet Union's March Presidential Election. . Look for possible extreme chaos in the US,  financially, politically, and socially, but in any case, no power in the Middle-East. This situation will exist at an elevated level up to and through the time of the new Soviet Union's presidential election, (March 2018) and continue for sometime thereafter......


The New Soviet Union, The Reformulated Soviet Union, will be fully re-established by the end of Dec 2017 (Jan 1, 2018)!!! (Yes, it did, as the greatly enhanced EEU/CSTO. the EEU/CSTO combined make up the equivalent of the New Soviet Union. The EEU is the economic side, and the CSTO is the military side)

New Soviet Union was put back in place on Jan 1.
IT WAS, the EEU was bumped up to an unprecedented level......

See Here, article is titled "New EAEU Customs Code comes into force" (they keep moving it, grrrrr......)
and Here.... yeah, this is nowhere being covered...

But here's what I forgot;
As has been mentioned on this website since about 2010, the disintegrating of the old Soviet Union began the steps of identical reversing back in 2010.
But here's the mistake I made; altho the steps were identical reversions on the exact same dates (see  News Updates) the magnitude was not reversed, but, was the same for each event. 

Thus: Gorbachev's relinquishing of his leadership position and giving all of his power to the opposition leader, Boris Yeltsin on Dec 25, 1991 was a World-Wide event noted by all, which had its identical reversal on Dec 25, 2017 with Putin's re-enforcing his own leadership position and removing all power from his opposition leader Navalny, also noted by all.

But, again, here's my mistake; the first day of the complete collapse of the old Soviet was January 1, 1992. Which, at the time occurred, received almost no recognition, even today not one person in a million is aware of it.
Similarly, on Jan 1, 2018 when the EEU/CSTO essentially achieved equivalence to the old Soviet Union it was with no world-wide awareness at all.
Yes, it's back, and yes, it reversed identically, but more identically than I expected.

This will lead to The Fulfillment of Revelation 13:3 (death stroke healed) !!! & Rev 17:11 (an eighth king, but one of the 7, i.e. a new iteration of the USSR) !!! as Dan 11:13 begins after Russia's March Elections.

  The "King of the North" Rides again !!

(For more on the "King of the North" please see both "Cracking" articles)

Then, Dan 11:13 will begin in early 2018 after their Elections (in March),.... with their newly elected President  ( I'm still thinkin' Medvedev ) culminating in the epic Middle-East Peace Treaty/Conditions of Daniel 11:17 which should be "Signed-Sealed-&-Delivered" 'bout late-mid-July 2018. (note: if it is not an official 'peace treaty' it will still be an overtly recognizable time of global peace/tranquility)

(Special Note; this is NOT the Covenant/Agreement of Dan 9:27. That Starts 7 years later !! Don't be Fooled !! Many will ! and please see HERE.)

Note too, Putin will not be re-elected in 2018, but will put himself back in power after Daniel 11: 13-20 is fulfilled, as per Dan 11:21.

(added Jan 3, 2018; the unrest in Iran and its emotional/political contagion may well precipitate Putin's non-re-election, we'll see)

.... and then you really must, please, see here

And The War of Rev 9:15, Dan 11:24-26 ? 'bout 2025 ..... (sigh)..... see Thought Sherds #17 - #20



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