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TimeLine Alerts And King of the North Stuff......

Timeline Alert:

    ● Please, be aware that beginning Mid 2018, (starting at end of Aug) the United States (king of south) will become so weak in terms of the middle-east that the conditions described at Daniel 11:15b "no strength to withstand" will begin to exist. Look for possible extreme chaos in the US,  financially, politically, and socially, but in any case, no power in the Middle-East.  From the way Daniel 11: 13b-17 is written it appears to be a Blitzkrieg-like event. 

1. (updated Oct 14, edited Oct 16, 2018) Let me expand on that just a bit; My Original Date/Thought was that This process would begin on the Anniversary of the destruction of the Temple (that's a whole 'nother discussion) which was July 21,22 this year (2018) but nuttin' happened. But then I remembered that there is always a "40" (years or days) preamble to any major Biblical "Sea-Change" so I started looking at Aug 31-Sept 1. 40 days later, And sure enough it started to pop, with the largest Military Exercise in the World since WWII. Starting in the Middle-East, led by The King of the North (Russia and Co.)!! see Here, Here, & Here. Beginning on the EXACT Date.... It did begin Aug 31- Sept 1, and in the manner as the Scripture reads, which indicates a strong and dramatic increase of the force and presence of the King of the North (Russia & Co.) in the middle-east. And it has done so very significantly from Aug 31-Sept 1..... My mistake was in expecting the core EVENT (invasion) to begin on Aug 31-Sept 1, when in fact the Scripture clearly indicates a PROCESS, which did begin on Aug31-Sept 1, 2018 "it's in the details", as they say.

2. QUICK NOTE ADDED JANUARY 23, 2019 !! I'm almost certain I'm off by 1 year + on "part b" of Dan 11:13. I will update this as-soon-as....  the math stays the same, but it starts one year later, I think. I need to check some numbers. and will post it soon.....

(updated Jan 25, 2019. OK, here's what I found out; if you've read this website for any length of time you would know that the view is held here that the "forty-years" of "this generation" began with the Dissolution of the Soviet Union. And that view is still held

The Date of the dissolution of the USSR is always stated by all official sources as Dec 25-26 1991, the day Gorbachev resigned (25th). However this website has always maintained that it was Jan 1, 1992. It turns out that neither is entirely correct. It was not until Dec 25, 1993, TWO FULL YEARS LATER, that the Head-of-the-Beast finally received the "death-stroke" (Rev 13:3)at the time of Russia's 1993 Constitutional Crisis. I did not know that the old Soviet system was still functioning 'as such' up until that time !! Please read the Second sentence in the first paragraph Here, " Russia's [new] constitution came into force on December 25, 1993, at the moment of its official publication, and [finally] abolished the Soviet system of government "

Not until Dec 25, 1993 !!! 

I did not know. 

And... If you have been reading this website for any length of time, you also know that the steps of the Dissolution of The Soviet Union have been reversing identically, on the exact days for some time now. If that pattern continues (and why stop now?) then here are the dates to watch: April 25(mmm... not so much), Sept 21-Oct 4(please see here), Dec 12, and Dec 25 2019, but especially Dec 25-26.

Dec 25, 2019 will mark the Day of the Full, Complete, & Total Return of The New Soviet Union in it's New Form !!! (With the technical completion by Jan 1, 2020) Please see article HERE and note date ! Dec 26 should be the first full day.

(I am willing to bet an extra-large gourmet coffee ice cream milkshake with Irish-cream, a splash of bourbon vanilla, whipped-cream & fancy-schmancy sprinkles, that this is correct !!! yum)

I'll keep you posted !)

Please Note: I have tried to update all relevant dates on this entire website to this adjusted (1993, additional 2 years) discovery. 


Things appear to be escalating rapidly, as per Dan 11:13, see Here and Here and Here (note date)

Up Another Notch, see Here

Added Dec 5, 2018. Must Read:  The Nascent Triumvirate Has Begun  . and look who started it. And Please compare with Who are the Beasts of Revelation 13 ? on this WebSite..... , and please see Here added Jan 27, 2019


Something to think about; it appears possible that even though Putin is the king-of-the-north of Dan 11:13-19, he may also be the king-of-the-north from verse 21 on.

Just thinkin' out loud here, but think about it, it makes sense. If Putin is taken completely off the scene, as per verse 19, it will make the global peace seem more viable and solid. (please remember, this is not the cry of "Peace and Security" of Thessalonians. This is the 7 years of global Peace followed by 7 years of global War. and please see "Out-of-the-Blue" on this website)

This Putin thing had been kinda nagging at me, something just kept buggin' me about it. So I went back and re-read Daniel  11:19 and verse 21 using an Interlinear. Here's what I found: The person in verse 19 who very likely is Putin, is not killed, as is usually assumed, The Hebrew allows for this translation (paraphrase): "he will return to safe protected places in his own land and fall and lie down so that he can't be found".

And verse 21(a) allows for this paraphrased version "a vile person will not be restored  to his place [by election ?]but instead, by slick maneuvering during the time [7 yrs]of peace he will take [re?]-control the kingdom". Now, I'm not saying this is correct, but ol' Putin just fits the bill so well.... we will see....

     ● The New Soviet Union, The Reformulated Soviet Union, got it's nascent footing on Jan 1, 2018!!! as the greatly enhanced EEU/CSTO. The EEU/CSTO combined make up the equivalent of the New Soviet Union. The EEU(EAEU) is the economic side, and the CSTO is the military side)

A  New Soviet Union essentially was put back in place on Jan 1, 2018, and will be fully, openly, and boldly, for the whole world to see, back in place Dec 25, 2019 !! (and technically completed Jan 1, 2020)

The EEU (aka EAEU) was bumped up to an unprecedented level......

See Here, article is titled "New EAEU Customs Code comes into force" (they keep moving it, grrrrr......) 
Here.... yeah, this is nowhere being covered...

As has been mentioned on this website since about 2010, (see News Updates) the old Soviet Union began the steps of identical reversing into it's New Form back in 2010.
The steps 
were identical reversions on the exact same dates (see  News Updates) altho the magnitude was not reversed, but, stayed identical for each event. 

Thus: Gorbachev's relinquishing of his leadership position and giving all of his power to the opposition leader, Boris Yeltsin on Dec 25, 1991 was a World-Wide event noted by all.  Which had its identical reversal on Dec 25, 2017 with Putin's re-enforcing his own leadership position and removing all power from his opposition leader Navalny, also noted by all.

The first day of the complete collapse of the old Soviet Union was January 1, 1992. Which, at the time occurred, received almost no recognition, even today not one person in a million is aware of this exact date. (The complete end of the Soviet system was Dec 25 1993)
Similarly, on Jan 1, 2018 when the EEU/CSTO essentially achieved equivalence to the old Soviet Union's condition on Jan 1, 1992, it was with no world-wide awareness 
at all. 

(interesting tidbit: if you read that link above, about the EAEU coming into force on Jan 1, you might be saying to yourself "self, I only see 5 former Soviet republics there. How can that be an exact reversal ?" Here's how: At the beginning of 1991 there were still 15 republics, by Dec 1991, 10 had dropped out {see 2 under "The Fall"}, which equals, yup 5.)

Interesting News piece here



      ● Dan 11:13b appears to have began in 2018, Sept 1 ( It would seem that the "Fuse" was lit with the dedication of the US Embassy in Jerusalem on May 14,  70 yrs to the day of Israel's re-establishment in 1948)

Very interesting article here, note the timing. (added July 17)

Make sure you see the lower video here on Russia's new weapons systems

.... and then you really must, please, see here

And The War of Rev 9:15, Dan 11:24-26 ? 'bout 2027 ..... (sigh)..... see Thought Sherds #17 - #20

The "King of the North" Will Ride again !!

(For more on the "King of the North" please see both "Cracking" articles)