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           "Predictions are hard to make, especially about the Future." -Yogi Berra

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The little monograph "Out-of-the-Blue" will give you a very good frame-of-reference for All Events related to the 'Time of the End'.

While we're just sittin' here, maybe you could just take a moment and look at Thought-Sherd #35...... i think you might find it innerestin'......

Added November 17, 2023
i think this is the "Inflection Point" that the November 5th Update below was looking for:
please note that it is Nuclear Armed please note too that that this is the EXACT correct Date i.e. Nov 16, the beginning of the Second 40 days......
and  HERE
Sun Nov 19, will mark 44 days since Oct 7,[Israel war] it might be worth being alert. This missile could be used as soon as then......-added Nov 18

Added November 11, 2023
Thermobaric Bombs are "The Poor Man's Nuke"
(it is NOT a 'flamethrower' that is just nomenclature, please see BBC article)

Added November 5, 2023
just a little "heads up !"
the next major inflection point should be Nov 15-17
i.e. 40 days before the new Soviet Union...... we'll see.....
and i think here it is: please note date.....[added Nov 17]

Added October 25, 2023

Cautiously optimistic that this may be a real marker point, the story itself is not officially confirmed yet... we'll see .....

Since it's Halloween in a few days, I thought I might tell you a Scary Story.

At 9pm Oct 22, local time (Moscow) the guards outside of Putin's apartment heard a thud. And rushed in to see Putin laying “convulsed” and his “body arched” on the floor with his “eyes rolling” and his dinner spilled over the floor. Additionally it was believed that his heart had experienced a “Cardiac Arrest” and was re-started......

...at Exactly 66 days before the date this website has speculated that the Soviet Union would return. Remembering that “his [Putin, imo] power will become great, but not through his own power”-Dan 8:23, 24 esp 24a and please compare with John 13:27

I had thought that this would have happened much further into the End than this, but it kinda makes sense, if true:

66 days before it really gets rolling, the man who's name will become synonymous with 666, becomes Supercharged with Satan. [Thought-Sherds #8 & 9] and please compare with John 9:14-26 for a general view of some deamon possession characteristics. 


....'Tis now the very witching time of night, When churchyards yawn, and hell itself breathes out Contagion to this world” -Shakespeare

And please see thought-sherd #25  

by-the-way Cheshvan 17 (Noah's Flood, Gen 7:11) is on Halloween this year..... hmmm....  

Added October 19, 2023
Just a gentle reminder: we are are about to enter into 7 years of Global Peace, NOT Global War.
Please see 

Altho it should be noted that the 7 yrs of Global Peace will start about Aug 13, 2024.
Things might get a little Awkward until then.......

Added October 7, 2023
Well, Exactly 50 years and one Day after the "Yom Kippur" War, [of Oct 6, 1973]

And on the day right after Sukkot, called Shmini Atzeret i.e. "Eighth Day of Assembly"

And also Putin's Birthday,

And also 80 days [two 40s] before December 25, [the Date of-the-year that this Website has been Watching for many years]

A Serious War has broken out in Israel. It WILL NOT lead to the End-of-the-World. That is over 14 years from now.

But the Psychology of the Middle-East has now dramatically changed. And is even more conducive to Dan 11:13 etc.

And if Israel is boxed into a corner and uses Nukes, the "Overton Window" will be opened for Russia to follow suit, or at least make threats to that effect more credible.- added Oct 10, 2023

The next Date to watch should be 40 days from today, appx November 15-17. (just about the time the US gov't might shut down..... hmmm....)

And then (40 Days later) Watch Dec 25/6 for the New Soviet Union.

btw.... don't count out Prigozhin just yet....

he, imo, fits Dan 11:18b just a little too well to give up on his re-emergence for now..... but this would be months from now......

Added August 1, 2023
well, enough days have passed since Tisha B'Av [July 28th] that it's obvious the 14 years won't start this year.
Why was i Wrong ?
At least two reasons:
1.  i should have calculated from Dec 25 1993, the date the soviet SYSTEM ended, instead of Dec 25, 1991. the date the Soviet UNION ended.
2.  i should have read my own website that repeatedly says that the Soviet Union ALWAYS comes back on Dec 25. (what a macaroon)
3.  and Dan 11:13 is very clear that the Soviet Union comes back BEFORE Dan 11:13 starts. as has been stated on this website many times ! (so why didn't i listen? just in a hurry to see this whole thing start and end.....)
so i guess that would make at least three reasons......

So..... let's watch Dec 25 this year, 2023, 30 years from 1993.
iff'n the Soviet Union comes back then, then Dan 11:13 would start 'bout August 13, 2024[Tisha B'Av] and end 'bout August 10, 2038[Tisha B'Av] 14 years later, but 15 years from now ...... sigh .....

Please remember December 25 is not a Biblical Date as far as i know, [maybe Asara  B'Tevet ?] but it is an Empirical Date. The Anniversary of the Destruction of The Temple[Tisha B'Av], however, IS a Biblical Date.

Added July 22, 2023
remembering that this website has maintained for many many years that the US Baghdad Embassy in the Green Zone is the "Fortified City" of Dan 11:15..... you might find this news article interesting......

Added July 13, 2023
Iff'n you've been reading this website for any length-of-time, and especially these little News Updates, then you would know that the Educated Guess that an Earthquake at the Temple Mount, leveling the Dome-of-The-Rock, might be the Catalyst that would draw the King-of-the-North into the Middle-East, in fulfillment of Daniel 11:13-17 etc. [noting vs 14, in my view the "vision" is the Vision to rebuild the Temple, but "the Robbers H3530 of your people" will be a few years too early, and will fail]
This Earthquake might happen as-soon-as July 20-22[23-24?], 2023.
That would be NEXT WEEK !!
[nope, so let's watch July 28, true Tisha B'Av, -added july 25]
This is Just an Educated Guess !! if it happens i'll 'splain why......

Added June 26, 2023
So, what's  goin' on in Russia ?
Did they just have a case of the "24hr Coup" ?
What's up with the Prigozhin/Putin clash ?
It has a very odd and unlikely feel to it, that is until you read Daniel 11:18b.
Which clearly indicates some great and deep personality clash between the King-of-the-North and some Rival-Leader [H7101 qtsin] during the time of the KOTN's Dan 11:13-19 invasion of the Middle-East !!
Is Prigozhin 'the Guy' ? Dunno, but methinks mebbe so.
So things are still looking good for an End of July [Tisha B'Av] beginning of Dan 11:13, etc, etc,

Added June 9, 2023  -and a very interesting update added june 15 and please see NUCLEAR UPDATE    below in this post....,
Well, the next 10 or so Days might be plenty interesting. Here's why:

40 to 44 Days before the Anniversary of the Destruction of the Temple will start then,[June 14-20th or so] and this year is lookin' purdy good (it is the view of this website that the Anniversary of the Destruction of the Temple is the Calibrator for the End-Times[it is, it is, it is !!]) And the 14 years should start on the Anniversary of the Destruction of the Temple, or 4 days after.

Also, please consider this:

A clear-eyed reading of Dan 11:13-17 indicates an Absolutely paralyzing fear on the part of any potential opposers to that Invasion. Which would be consistent with the use of Nuclear Weapon(s) to end the Ukrainian situation.
!!! :

we'll soon see...........

altho..... to hedge my bets here, the 40-44 days could start at the Temple Anniversary......(july 28-30)

why July 28-30, is prolly the start date:

1. the 40 (44) is always part of the process. example; 40 days of rain was part of the flood.

2. prophecy does not happen in a vacuum, and look at what's going to happen in July:

note date in article below:


note: Offensive NOT Defensive in article below:


again please note date in articles below:



So, iff'n it all starts on The Anniversary of the Destruction of The Temple (july 28-30 or so), that will be PART of the 14 yrs.

Which is not to say that events aren't staging in 40s, but Dan 11:13 per se, seems like it will start July 28-30. 

(can't know exact date for sure until New Moon is Observed in Jerusalem)

June 15 update

it appears that the staging of and in steps of 40s began May 10th(please see below) but here's where it gets interesting:

The next step of 40, is June 19th-20th, so keep your eyes peeled, but the very next step of 40, is July 29 (Tisha B'Av) and Now This; the last step of 40 [total 120 days, very biblical number] is Sept 7, and if the last step of 40 is extended to 44, just as was the case when Jesus began his ministry you get, yup SEPT 11 !! (John 1:19-43)

Added May 11, 2023
OK, here's what appears to be happening:
Yesterday, May 10, was exactly 80 days before
true Tisha B'Av.(which is July 28th this year. Tisha B'Av means the 9th of Av, but the Bible says it happened on the 10th of Av,[Jer 52:12-14] so i'm gunna go with the Bible) please note; 2Kings 25:8-10 starts with Neb's arrival date, not the burn date. Jer is the burn date.
Oftentimes in the Bible the "40" is doubled before really big events. (thus around June 18th things should really start to "Pop")

But look at what appears to have started yesterday;
In the morning, a very strong, clear, Public rebuke/criminal accusation of the President of the United States  was made by Congress. And at Midnight the Borders of the U.S. blow wide-open. I think that this will lead to the "no strength to stand" of Dan 11:15, due to chaos 'back home'. (please remember that the "Fortified City" of verse 15 is The US Baghdad Embassy)

methinks we're there...... i'll keep you posted .......

i'm watching this too...

if all of these Earthquakes at Lake Almanor[chester], cause the Dam there to Blow, the knock-on effect is that all of that water will flow down the Feather River into the Oroville Reservoir, a HUGE Dam, that is already Overfilled. - updated July 3, 2023. 

Added April 9, 2023
Well, if you've read this website for any length of time you know how 40s (40, 42, 44 etc,) are regarded here, and you also know that Tisha B'Av is regarded here as a very important marker date for the end-times. and that Tisha B'Av this year is lookin' good [July 26-7 this year].
With that in mind look at this: 44 days before Tisha B'Av this year, July 26-7, NATO is going to launch it's Largest-ever Air-Exercise !!


Added March 22, 2023
this is a "Must Read NOW" article:
and add Shkval and Russia's Air-Gas Bombs  to the mix.
The Ukraine will and can be re-absorbed whenever Russia chooses.
Putin is simply playing "rope-a-dope".

Added March 8, 2023
please see March 8 update at Nov 19, 2023 below.... very bizarre developments in Iran.....

Added Feb 7, 2023 (update added Feb 8, and a 'nother on feb 10)
well, if you've been reading this site for any length of time, you know that the educated guess that an Earthquake will trigger the invasion of the Middle-East by the New Soviet Union has been promoted for many years. The Tectonic plate that Israel (Jerusalem) sits right next to seems to have become Quite active with these Latest very large Earthquakes in Turkey Syria. These earthquakes appear to be at the very top of this Tectonic Plate. (please see earthquakes.usgs.gov/earthquakes/map)
It's a bit early for the Invasion to start, but the stage seems to be being set. (if you hit ctrl+f and enter "earthquake", you will see the many times this has been mentioned on this page) 
Feb 8 update: earthquake activity is now in Israel.
Feb 10 observation: iff'n you read Matt 24:7-8 & Mark 13:8 slowly and carefully, it seems to me that the real marker of the "beginning of Sorrows" is EarthQuakes. The whole 'wars and rumors of wars, etc.' just kinda blends in, but the prophecy takes a decided turn/change at "Earthquakes".
And this Turkey/Syria earthquake is the Beginning of those  Earthquakes. "i bet u dolla" 
and just in case you think things have calmed down there, please see

Added Jan 27, 2023
So, what's going on ?  Where are we ?
Well, the Dec 25th/Jan 18 reversal didn't happen. My thoughts on that are that it may have already happened on Jan 15, 2020, (new Gov't & new Constitution, interestingly put into force July 4th 2020) or that it may happen this coming Dec 25, 2023..... dunno.
I had mentioned below in my July 21, 2021 Update that I may have been off by Two Years, and I think that that is the Case, Which means that the 14 years of the End-Times will Begin on Tisha B'Av this year 2023 (July 26-8) which would Harmonize with a start date of 1993, the year the Soviet SYSTEM ended instead of 1991, the year that the Soviet UNION ended. And the 44 years would start in 1993 and the whole "Shootin'-Match" will be over on Tisha B'Av 2037. Which is also 120 years after WWI really got going with the entrance of the US into WWI. Which would correspond to the 120 years of the Pre-Flood count-down. (Gen 6:3)
Things Should get Purdy hot before then. I'll Keep yah Posted !

Added Dec 23, 2022

Interesting Timing......
And Sarmat II AKA "Satan II" ICBM coming very soon......

note paragraphs 4 & 5 in following article:

Added Dec 19, 2022

While the Rest of the World is not Paying Attention, the New Soviet Union Appears to be coming Back 'Full Steam Ahead':

Looking fine and fit and Healthy, Putin arrives in Minsk, Belarus

Again, the 'Window of Opportunity' for this Cycle [by this website's calculations] ends on Jan 18-9 2023. (please see footnote for Nov 23, 2022 below).

Added Dec 6, 2022

(and please see Nov 18, 2022 update below)

In case you're worried how Russia and the 'Post Soviet space' is doing in view of the World-Wide economic Chaos. They're doing just Fine, Thanks for asking.


Added Dec 4, 2022

Methinks Zelenski may have gone "a bridge too far"


this may well be the 'turning point' for the war, as he may have alienated a HUGE part of his base-of-support.... time will tell.....

Added Dec 1, 2022



well, this has the right timing, the right tone, and the right wording, from the right person for a reversal of Dec 1, 1991..... we'll see. The next dates to watch are Dec 8, 10, 12, 21...... i'll keep you posted.....

Added Nov 23, 2022   (edited nov 26th)

If  the New Soviet Union is Going to come back this Dec 25th, and if the "Reverse-O Change-O" pattern continues......  then on Dec 1, we should  start to see some motion. And then on the 8th it should really get moving, reflecting the "Belavezha Accords" signed by Russia, Belarus, and the Ukraine on that date. And ratified on the 10th in the Ukraine, and on the 12th in Russia......   .......We will know soon enough......

to be honest, i'm not very confident at this time 

edited Nov 26, 2022-.  

Hedging my bets here a little.....

If i'm making the same mistake that i made in 2019, i.e. using a solar date Dec 25th 2019, instead of lunar, Jan 15th, 2020. Then the window-of-opportunity stretches out until Jan 18, 2023. (see long messy article; Reverse-O Change-O)


Added Nov 19, 2022    

-updated nov 20th, and on March 8th

Iran reached "critical mass" yesterday, Nov 19th. please see Nov 19th update HERE

The very New "Guerrillas of Ishtar" and the IRGC are now going 'head to head'. some reasearch on Ishtar is Very Revealing.)

This is the biggest Story on Earth; an Entire Nation in a State of Revolution/Flux lead by 15 year-olds tired of wearing Hajibs, and of Male Religious Authority. Their Fear of Authority and Death is GONE. I would wager that this has NEVER happened in all of Human History. And methinks it will prove to be a Major inflection Point in the Time-of-The-End:


note: this is appx. Shinar Biblically speaking   

and please see:


and please see this very old Article on the Website you are now on

imo, this could well be the precursor/preamble to zec 5:11 

March 8 update-


Added Nov 18, 2022

While the rest of the World is worried about Food Shortages....
The King of The North is
NOT worried at ALL....

note paragraph 2 below....
note last paragraph below....

While the World is looking the other way......

The CIS [commonwealth of independent states] is/has been the 'place-holder'/hibernation-cave for the Soviet Union for the last 30+ years. And it looks likes Its Hibernation is about to end.

Notice the Urgency of the Last Sentence of the 2nd Paragraph “home stretch” “finalize” :


Note tone and time-frame of last Paragraph:


Note Number of member Nations/Republics of the CIS in 5th from last paragraph, and add the Ukraine and compare with Daniel 7:7:


further reading if you are so inclined:



This is Huge, the Eurasian Economic Union [EEU] is the Economic Half of the New Soviet Union !! [the CSTO is the Military Half]:

notice the urgency in all of these articles, yup, i'm thinkin' December 25, 2022, the new version of the Soviet Union will be here.......

All News & Updates Items Prior to Nov 18, 2022 are now on the News & Updates Spillover Page. cuz this page waz gettin' way way too long, sorry.....

a simple request: if you share or use the information from this website, please, would you be so kind as to cite the source.... ? www.MusingsAboutGod.com

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