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           "Predictions are hard to make, especially about the Future." -Yogi Berra

       and please see "The Ukraine Event" section down below (updated July 24,
      2021. header in red)
      and please see updated Sept 18th Update.....

Added Oct 14, 2021


And please compare with "Who are the Beasts of Rev 13"

be warned "Visual Capitalist" is a Rabbit Hole.
Fascinating Site.

Keep watching Taiwan

Added Oct 11, 2021

So, “Where is this Promised Presence of His ?”

In my little “Walkabout”, I've noticed a thing or two..... maybe three.

In the context of this Update-Note, I would like to mention something I've noticed about the Fulfillment of Prophecy:

In Peter's book, where that Phrase “Where is this Promised Presence of His ?” (2Pet 3:4) comes from, he's referring to the Time in the Future (c.2032-3) when Christians will be Mocked because they have Over-Confidently, Many Many times said, “This is It !!, The End is Here !!!”.

But it's Not.

Why will Christians made that same Mistake over and over again ?

Here's Why. This is what I've noticed:

For some dam odd reason, events that have a verisimilitude to actual Prophetic Patterns occur with a surprising Regularity.

Why ? Not really sure on that one, sometimes it's us, just wanting it to fit. I think sometimes it's the ol' debbil trying to fool us, and sometimes I think it's God seeing if we're paying close-enough attention.

Hard to know.

But it happens. And with some regularity. Anyone who has followed this website will know that many times I've thought events were imminent, and they were, but only in part.

Sometimes 'imminent' is 'immanent' :)

The Reason I mention this is that, altho I mentioned that my latest date for the Beginning of Dan 11:13-17, (July 19, 2021) might be off by a year or two, I had become confident that it had started. And it might have, in part.


But. It's looking like the Return of the Soviet Union will happen, as it always does, on December 25. Yes, Of this year, 2021. And then Dan 11:13 will start sometime before Tisha B'Av 2022(Aug 7, 2022, which is 7 months later) and then “The 14 Years” will start on the Anniversary of the Destruction of the Temple (Aug 7-8, 2022).

So, keep watching Taiwan, then Russia will make it's move, Ukraine etc., and then the New Soviet Union will Emerge on December 25, 2021, yes 2021.

Just A little over Two Months from now.

We'll see.........

(and please see before "Sieges of Jerusalem" near bottom of Timeline article)

Added Oct 2, 2021
You might find this interesting:
Exactly 42 days after July 19, 2021, this year, (anniversary of the Destruction of the Temple) at ONE Minute before Midnight (Kabul time) the very Last US Plane took off from the Kabul Airport Ending America's longest war that started Exactly 20 years ago on October 7, 2001.
And you know how this website feels about "40s". And remembering that Putin's birthday is on the 7th (and please you must see Sept 18 update just below).
methinks the next 5 days might be very interesting.....

Please Note start date in first sentence in second paragraph of this section
"Invasion and Early Operations"
Please Note last sentence in this section "30 August"

Added Sept 30, 2021

If I could just draw your attention to something.....

If you have read the little monograph on this website, “Out-of-the-Blue”, you will know the theory promoted there is that there will be 7 years of Peace followed by 7 years of War. For a total of 14 years. And that those 14 years started on July 19th, 2021, the True Anniversary Date of the Destruction of the Temple, (not the 18th ), thus we are currently in the very beginning of the 7 years of Peace. Therefore you must think I'm non compos mentis. But if you would indulge me for a brief moment in just a bit of expostulation. (haha, it's soooo annoying when people use words like that:)

Please let me draw your attention to some current-events that are really the Opposite of what they appear at first-blush:

Afghanistan; altho very chaotic, is it now a War ? No, it's actually the End of America's longest War.

Hong Kong; altho now resistively reabsorbed into Mainland China. Is it a War ?

Syria ? Iran ? Iraq ? Libya ? Are they at War ?

BTW “Not at War” does not mean “Fun”.

The feeling on this website is that the Ukraine will soon be re-absorbed into Russia(Soviet Union). But Do you really think it will lead to War ? When Winter is about to start with no Natural Gas for Europe, and Russia holding ALL of the cards ? I duz not tink so.

As Chaotic as the World now seems, there really is less War now than there has been for many Decades.

And altho Russia will soon invade the Middle-East (per Dan 11:13-17), the Bible is Quite Clear that it will be without Resistance, (vs 16) i.e. no War.

And I suspect Taiwan will go without much af a fight either.

And So The “7 Years of Global Peace” have Begun. 
Albeit Nascently (I like the word “nascent”, it's such a fun word :).....

And please see “Out-of-the-Blue” on this website

[the 7 yrs of Peace will end Aug 2, 2028, 3pm Jerusalem/Moscow Time. And the 14 years should end on Aug 15, 2035, 3pm Jerusalem/Moscow Time]

Added Sept 22, 2021

Watch Taiwan, she's a-heatin' up !!  and please see June 1, 2021 & Aug 16 updates below.... Taiwan will prolly be the first to blow, then Ukraine soon after. Taiwan will be the "Head-Fake"..... please see those two Updates below......
please note dates in this article:

Added Sept 18, 2021
Please note 2 in article

Jus' thinkin' out loud here: sometimes, but very rarely, in the Bible there is a double 40 (=80) i.e. Moses on Mt. Sinai, some feel Solomon had a double 40 yr reign, etc.
Well here is just an interesting observation; counting 80 days from July 19 (true anniversary of destruction of temple, not July 18 which is called Tisha B'Av in the Jewish calendar). One makes an interesting little observation. 80 days from July 19 gets you to Oct 7 which is also the first day of the Jewish month of Heshvan and...... Putin's birthday.
And Exactly 80 more days from there is December 25, the Day that the Soviet Union always Dissolves or Reforms.
Most interesting.
My best Guess here is that I've had the Sequence Backwards. i.e. It's NOT The Soviet Union comes fully Back First , and then Dan 11:13. It's Dan 11:13 starts and THEN the Soviet Union comes Fully Overtly back on December 25.
So it would appear that Dan 11:13 starts without the Official Full Overt Reforming of The New Soviet Union, and then by Dec 25, 2021 the New Full-Blown Soviet Union is Back. If this turns out to be correct, I will update the Timeline Charts at that time. -updated Sept 26, 2021

Added Sept 15, 2021
Interesting timing,
note last three paragraphs..... phunnie, huh ? almost like an accidentally "Telegraphed Punch"....... hmmmm........

Added Sept 12, 2021

Two very long articles, but they both offer VERY firm support that we are at Daniel 11:13-17
Did you know the US is also Leaving Syria/Iraq ?
More support for Dan 11:14, 15, "No Strength to stand[in middle-east]"

"Zapad 2021" Appears to be getting VERY spookie/serious

Added Sept 11, 2021
Please See Thought-Sherd #48

Added Sept 10, 2021

"Zapad-2021" began TODAY. We will see how this Develops....


Note "State Of Emergency" in Article below...


Added Sept 1, 2021

So, did Dan 11:13 Start Today ?

Methinks so.....

The Russia-lead CSTO (a Military Alliance of Many old Soviet Republics) did begin NEW Emergency Military Exercises today, on the Correct Day (Sept 1st)



Add to this “Zapad-2021” starting on the day after, on Sept 10


Poland is sweating just a bit......


And the Baltic States as well.....


while Belarus denies everything, "nothing to see here"......

(note true Zapad numbers in 4th from last in following article)


So are we there ? Methinks so. But let's just watch it carefully for a bit...... there are some very clear markers in Dan 11:13-17 that we should soon see. Please Note: Daniel 11:14a is FULLY APPARENT today, and it was NOT just TWO WEEKS AGO !! The timing is right, these current events fit Dan 11:13 very well..... so.....

Pop some popcorn w/ butter, mmmm..... pour something tall and cool.... and let's wait and watch and see.....

Added Aug 28, 2021
Is this the "quiet 40-day indicator" we've been looking for ?
well, it fits the pattern, it was announced at 3 in the afternoon today
[day 40], Moscow & Jerusalem time (please see thought-sherd #48) by the Defense Minister of Russia, Sergei Shoigu, that the CSTO Alliance would be dramatically ramped-up and enhanced[emergency] CSTO military exercises will begin on Sept 1[day 44].....hmmm.......
note time and date of release from WHTC: 8:44am ET=3:44pm Jerusalem time....
and please see Aug 23 news update right below......

The "Tides", they are a'turning.....
a warning for all,
posted at the border of Norway and Russia

Added Aug 23, 2021
well.... the hand-crank on my old adding-machine is not turning too well.....
but here's my latest calculations:
Tisha B'Av was July 18, Tisha B'Av means: The 9th of Av, however, the Bible clearly states that the Temple was burned down on the 10th of Av. (Jer 52:12)so using the 10th of Av and counting 40 days forward we get Aug 28. counting 44 days forward we get Sept 1.

Why does this matter ?

Because how this plays out will act as a Calibrator for all future calculations for the end-times. If it turns out that 40 days is the correct Sea-Change gap, we'll know. And if using the Traditional Date of Tisha B'Av (the 9th of Av) is correct, we'll know to use that. However, my feeling and thinking is that we'll see that the Jewish Tradition is incorrect, and that the 10th of Av is correct, and as for the length of the Sea-Change gap, well we'll just wait and see. i kinda favor 44, but again, we'll just wait and see.
i suspect that we will see some sort of marker on the 28th, (40 days)and a full-blown obvious Event(s) on Sept 1. (44 days)
watch Ukraine and the Middle-East, Taiwan may be used as a distraction, dunno....

please allow me a slop-zone/margin-of-error of 1 or 2 days plus or minus, thanx.....you know me and numbers.....

Added Aug 16, 2021
As the rest of the World is looking at Kabul (Where the Russian and Chinese Embassies in Kabul are fine and open for business TODAY, yes, right in the middle of all this, think about that, really think about that).
It is now time for us to thoughtfully turn our attention to another Embassy:
The U.S. Embassy in Baghdad. Which as long-time readers of this website know, is The "Fortified City" of Daniel 11:15.

Stay Tuned

Watch Taiwan
Watch Ukraine
Watch Daniel 11:13

Added Aug 15, 2021
Well, what can I say ? Kabul just went today.
Dan 11:14 "And in those times Many will stand against the King of the South [US and C]" is happening right before our eyes. The US has Egg all over its Face.

Methinks we are at Dan 11:13. Watch Ukraine. Watch Russia and the Middle East.
The first Super-Solid signs RE: Dan 11:13 should begin to appear around as early as Aug 27-29, (maybe even as early as the 25th) and really get rolling from Aug 30-31.

Added Aug 11, 2021
Just a little "Heads Up!" here:
It's looking very good for Dan 11:13 to start on Aug 30-31, which is 44 days from Tisha B'Av. However, in the pattern of Jesus's 40 (44) days, there was the day of his Baptism (1), the 40 days in the wilderness (40), and the three days before he went to Cana and offically started his ministry (1) =44. So keep yer eyes peeled around Aug 27, there might be some inklings about then. i will keep you posted if i see anything.
That's only about 2 weeks from today !!

Added Aug 5, 2021
Putin has absolutely no fear of US/England/Allies anymore..... and please note timing

Added July 25, 2021
In case you have any doubts that we are rapidly approaching Dan 11:13 'he [King of the North]will gather a larger crowd than before'......[to the middle-east]
Please take a gander at this article from a Harvard "think tank". the article is a bit too long.... but note percentages at the bottom of the page.....(Egypt 7,466% !!!!!) sacred guano batman !!!

Added July 24, 2021
Remembering that this website feels that the Ukraine is pivotal to to the re-formulation of the Soviet Union, and noting that August 30th is 44 days after Tisha B'Av this year (2021). The timing of this event is interesting.....

Added July 21, 2021
So, what's going on ??
(sound of me scratching my head)
Well, not sure really, but as I have mentioned several times, I could be off by as much as 2 (two) years. I hope not, as bad as things are, I can't imagine how bad they'll be in one or two years. It is also possible that we are in a 40 to 44 day "cone of silence" as All major Biblical "Sea-Changes" have a 40-44 preamble that is sometimes very very quiet, (shhh...) i.e. when Jesus spent 40 days in the Wilderness, it apparently was without any public notice. so..... it's wait and see for a time......

Added July 18, (Tisha B'Av) 2021
let's give it another 48 hours for this cycle (this year)
here's why: altho the Jews observe the destruction of the Temple on Tisha B'Av, (ninth of Av) the Bible clearly states it was the 10th of Av. go figure ..... (Jer 52:12) ....... but, there may be 1 to 2 more years to go..... before dan 11:13 starts, sigh ...
but hold a good thought for a day or 2...........

but they are ready:

Added July 6, 2021
Remembering that the US Baghdad Embassy is the "Fortified City" of Dan 11:15 (in my view, as has been mentioned many times on this website) 

Added July 1, 2021
Interesting timing, please take special note of very last sentence in article

Added June 26, 2021
nothing to see here.... move it along......nothing to see here....
Super-Sub Simply Unbelievable. (best viewed on lap-top or tablet) please compare w/Dan 7:7, 19, 20b.... much more like this coming....

Added June 19, 2021
the hedge around Israel is evaporating

Added June 18, 2021
I'm just throwin' this out on the Table for you to think about:
Jerusalem/Israel is Very seismicly (earthquakes) active. and the Temple mount walls are already buckling from previous Earthquakes. An Earthquake that would cause the Temple mound to collapse could very well serve as a catalyst for Dan 11:13-17.
Just thinkin' out loud here.......

Added June 6, 2021

The "40" is always PART of the "Sea Change". NOT BEFORE. Example: Noah's Flood; the 40 days was Part and Parcel of the Flood Event. NOT before. It has been, and still is, my Belief that The 14 Years of the End Begins & Ends on Tisha B'Av. In my excitement at seeing Events unfolding, I thought we were There. Which is not to say my Math is ever any Good. I just think the Pattern is that the "40" is always IN the Event, not before. Thus the "40" should Start ON July 18, 2021, Not BEFORE.-corrected June 6, 2021.



Added June 1, 2021
Saturday, June the 5th, is 44 days before Tisha B'Av, July 18. (inclusive)
Just thought you should Know.....

and there really is no need to post any links here to the fact that Israel has been unraveling since May 30 (50 days before Tisha B'Av hmmmm....)

With Dan 11:16 in mind:"no one will be able to resist Him". Factor this following article into your thinking as well:

push russia, get rocket. again, please see dan 11:16.

Added May 29, 2021
Please think about this:
3 Global Fuses are Lit,

The Biblical Players here are Russia/Ukraine and Israel/Middle-East.

Therefore; Taiwan would seem to be the best smoke-screen.
Just days ago, Taiwan’s foreign minister Joseph Wu in a PBS Newshour interview just warned that China is "preparing for war" against Taiwan, and further affirmed that the increasing PLA war drills will soon slide into a real conflict situation.

"I think Beijing has been preparing for war against Taiwan, and that is what we have been seeing. They are preparing for it," Wu said. "If you look at the number of sorties, it's around 2,900 times last year. So, the threat has been increasing.
And when we examine in a closer way, the Chinese sometimes even cross the middle line of the Taiwan Strait." -source, see last paragraph

Added May 26, 2021
Up a Notch

methinks the scatalogical debris is about to come into direct contact with the velocitizing impeller

Added May 16, 2021
As fast as things are moving, there is be the possibility that Dan 11:13-17 may START on June 5-9 and END on Tisha B'Av, July 18. Not Kidding.
This would still fit the Biblical 40-44 day "Sea-Change" pattern. Wow, are things moving fast.

Added May 15, 2021
Watch June 5-9 Very, Very Carefully.(i had originally said 4-8, i can't add) If I see anything I will let you know. June 5-9 marks 40-44 days before Tisha B'Av, July 18. My little "deeley-bobber-like" antennas are buzzing a bit. Things are moving just a bit briskly on the world scene. Remember please, the Ukraine has to be brought back into the fold, and the Middle-East has to Erupt.
Putin just announced that the Middle-East is a Security  issue for Him....... (bzzzzzzz....ow, my antennae!)
please research:"CRRF", "CSTO" & "Spetsnaz"

     Added April 26, 2021
Just a little "Heads Up !" here.
As has been mentioned many many times on this website. That whenever there is a
Major 'Sea-Change' in the Bible, it is preceded by a "40". 40 days, weeks, years,
decades, etc. etc. (sometimes it's s 42, 43 or a 44)
That being the case, if Dan 11:13-17 starts on July 18, 2021 (Tisha B'Av) then around June 3-9, there should be some sort of 'transitioning' event.
These events are typically rather Quiescent; Jesus's Baptism, Ark Doors closing, etc.
If anything happens around that time I will post it here, if I catch it. But They are
usually Vewy Vewy Quiet Events .....shhhhh...... wascally wabbits.....  

Added April 19, 2021
Please note: as has been mentioned many many times, over many many years on this Website,
That for the conditions described at Dan 11:15 "No Strength to Withstand/Resist" on the part of
The King of the South's (U.S. and co.) "Elite Forces" at the Baghdad Embassy,
That the U.S. would have to be in a state of Extreme Civil/Social/Economic Chaos.
(please see TimeLine Point #1)

Just Watching the News, I would say:

Tisha B'Av, July 18, 2021 is looking more solid every day.

        The Ukraine Event !!! On-Going Up-Dates from April 2, 2021.....

              Remembering that the Soviet Union cannot fully be the Soviet Union without the Ukraine.... as has been mentioned many many many times on this website....

Note; that for the Soviet Union to Re-Form the Ukraine must be bought back into the fold.

Note too: The Taiwan situation may happen. But the main Biblical point, at this time,  is the Revival of the Seventh Head of the Beast AKA Soviet Union (rev 13). And note too; China-India is the "Two-Horned" Beast, (as has been said on this site for many many years, here .....so this all fits).

As you may know;

The Ukraine is to the Soviet Union,

As California is to the United States,

i.e, essential to its very nature.

It has been said that:

'Without the Ukraine, Russia is just a Country. But with the Ukraine, Russia is an Empire'.

This Event appears to be Building day by day.....
Added July 24, 2021
Remembering that this website feels that the Ukraine is pivotal to to the re-formulation of the Soviet Union, and noting that August 30th is 44 days after Tisha B'Av this year (2021). The timing of this event is interesting.....

Added July 14, 2021
Putin makes it Very Very Clear

Added July 4, 2021
up yet another notch

Added July 1, 2021
Interesting timing, please take special note of very last sentence in article


Added June 25,2021
Ukraine feel the tension rising......

Added June 11, 2021
note first sentence in 4th paragraph in section, "Large-Scale Preparations"

       Added May 6, 2021
       They Never left........
       and note 2nd sentence in 3rd paragraph, "
But many of the units left their trucks and armored vehicles

       Added April 27, 2021
continuing to simmer..... 

        Added April 9, 2021


Added April 7, 2021

Added April 2, 2021

July 18, 2021 is looking good for Daniel 11:13-17


Added March 28, 2021
     Actually, things are looking very Good for a July 18, 2021 (Tisha B'Av. this year) Start of Dan 11:13-17
       I will keep you posted.
     In the meantime, please compare this News Article with Daniel 11:13.
      And see "Unlocking" on this website.

       Added March 7, 2021
      Well, what's goin' on ?
        At this point all I can say is I'm waiting for July-Aug-early Sept of this Year.
        If Dan 11:13-17 Pops then, well, then we're there. If not, then my feeling is that we will have 2 more
        years to go.
        Everything that happened last year 2020, matched very well.... Dec 21-27, 2020 was just right.
        But Dec 25 did not pop out like I thought it would. And even though the New Russian Constitution that
        was Finalized on those days fit-the-Bill very close, it just wasn't quite what I expected. Again July-Sept
        should tell.....
.sound of me scratching my head......

       Added Jan 1, 2021
Well, I've got a little 'splaining to do.
I was very certain that the Soviet Union would come back fully on Dec 25, 2020, based on the pattern
that I had observed as mentioned in Reverse-O.
And that pattern is still True. 
On the dates of Jan 15, Dec 22, 25, 27, 2020 (and others) you can clearly see the continuation of the
Reversal Pattern (+1 day, I assume from Leap-year) from, here's the problem, from 1991.
Now to be fair, if Dan 11:13 hits full-force Summer of this year (2021) well and good. Because the
New Laws, Constitutional Amendments, just completed in Dec of 2020 could fill-the-bill of a
Re-mergent Soviet Union. In Fact, one of the New Modifications to the Constitution Clearly States
that Russia is the Inheritor of the FULL LEGACY OF THE SOVIET UNION. (see dec 25 below)
And this was all just finalized ! So, could this be the Re-Emergence of the Soviet Union ?
Yes, but I'm not feeling it. However July-Aug 2021 will tell. If not, then the Dec 25, 1993 end-date
of the Soviet System is the more likely beginning-date candidate. Which, unfortunately adds 2 more years
to the Process......sigh....... meaning Dan 11:13-17 starts July-Sept 2023 and the 14 years ends in 2037

       I think I'm gunna be Sick.......

       Added Dec 30, 2020
     Well, Pooh, just Pooh.....
       It sure doesn't look like the Soviet Union coming back at this time.... (2020-2021)
       Do I still think that the 40 (43) years began with the fall/end of the Soviet Union/System ? Yes
       Do I still think the "Hot Beginning and End" will be on Tisha B'Av ? Yes
       Do I still think that there will be a 14 year peace/war period ? Yes
       But I think that the Starting Date is Dec 25, 1993, (end of Soviet System) not 1991. (end of Soviet Union)
       So, I think I'm gunna just sit here for a while, lick my wounds and do some re-calculating.

                                                I will keep you Posted

       Added Dec 27, 2020
Compare paragraph 16 in this article with Daniel 11:23, 24 :

          Added Dec 26, 2020
Grrrr......No ! I won't give up !!
In 1991 it wasn't until the beginning of the next year (Jan 1, 1992) that it was over.... so I'm gunna give myself an 8 day extension until Jan 3, 2021. (please see note at bottom of Reverse-O)
Why won't I give up ? Cuz if it doesn't happen now that means (in my view) that we'll have to wait a
whole nother year for this thing to start ! and i don't wanna ! besides, things are still inline with 1991.

Merri Christmas from Russia:

Added Dec 25, 2020
And no, I haven't given up yet. Here's why:
On Dec 25, 1991, at about 7:30 pm the Soviet Flag was lowered. At 11:40pm that same night
the new Russian Flag was raised, and on Dec 26, 1991 the Soviet Union Voted itself out of existance.
(please see third and second from the last s HERE) so, like captain Ahab, I ain't givin' up just yet !

Also, on Dec 22, 2020 THREE DAYS AGO, the New Amendments to the Russian Constitution were finally fully passed. (please see  here)
Included in the New Amendments is this:
"4.The fourth category of amendments is those of an ideological nature;
they describe the Russian nation as ‘state-forming’ (Russia is officially a multi-national state),
the Russian language is the language of a nation-forming nation.
There is also a reference to God and to the tradition and the legacy of the Soviet Union.
The Russian Federation honors the memory of defenders of the Fatherland
and protects historical truth.
Diminishing the significance of the people's heroism in defending the Fatherland is not permitted,”
the text of the new law says. (source here)
hmmmm.... Sounds like A new Soviet Union to me.

also the Dec 25th thing seems to always toggle between the 25th and the 26th, starting as far back as 1825

Added Dec 21, 2020
     Not so much as an update, as a discovery:
       If you've read Reverse-O Change-O on this site you would know that the Steps of the Collapse of The
       Soviet Union have been having identical Reversals on the Exact same dates for about the Last 10 years.
       But on Dec 25, 2019 they seemed to have stopped, but then, after adjusting for the Lunar Calendar, the
       events continued to match with the Complete resignation of the Russian Government on Jan 15, 2020.
       But here's what I had missed; on Jan 15, 2020 Dimitry Medvedev The Prime Minister of Russia resigned.
       THE EXACT SAME EVENT THAT HAPPENED ON JAN 14, 1991 !!!!! (Jan 15, 2020, after adjusting for
       Leap-year). The reason I mention this, is that I was beginning to doubt about this coming Dec 25.
       And this buoyed my expectations. But, of course, we'll know in 4 days.

Added Dec 20, 2020
....and the beat goes on..... https://www.criticalthreats.org/analysis/belarus-warning-update-putin-will-increase-pressure-on-lukashenko-to-integrate-belarus-in-2021

Added Dec 19, 2020 

Meanwhile, back at the ranch.......

Added Dec 5, 2020

Not something you hear much about, but here's why it matters:
The recent events of the Nagorno-Karabakh region appear to have Significantly re-consolidated Russia's
The timing looks purdy good, in 20 days we'll know.

       Added Nov 28, 2020
     Back in the USSR...... The tension seems to be Building.....I'm still watching Dec 25, 2020.

Added Nov 21, 2020
While you were sleeping.......
One of the best-kept Geopolitical secrets of the last 100 years, is the lasting, deep, and intense relationship between Russia(USSR) & India
And please see: WhoAre   on the website you are now on.

Added Nov 13, 2020
Compare with Dan 11:15 "No Strength to Stand"

https://www.mcclatchydc.com/news/nation-world/national/national-security/article247175994.html-nov 15 up-date
(remember please, if this website is correct, dan 11:13-17 still will not get rolling until
mid-summer 2021. but these current events could well set the stage, and please see Charts)

     Added Nov 10, 2020
By an odd quirk of timing, the interval from The 2020 US election day and the Electoral College Vote is 42 days .
"The Tuesday next after the first Monday in the month of November" is election Day. In 2020, it was Nov 3.
The Electoral College casts their Votes Dec 14 this year, "The First Monday, after the Second Wednesday in December"
Thus the first full day after the process is completed is the 43rd Day, on Dec 15.....hmmmmm.....

And you know how we feel about 43s on this website......

     Added Oct 29, 2020
     The CIS is the de facto Soviet Union..... the timing is looking good

     Added Oct 24, 2020
     Did you know.....
       That the EXACT DATE Noah's Flood began is Recorded in the Bible ? (Gen 7:11)
       Did you know .....
       That Date is Heshvan 17 ?
       Did you know.....
       That is where Halloween comes from ?
       Did you know....
       That Halloween Means Hallowed Evening ?
       Did you know ......
       That this year Heshvan 17, the exact anniversary of Noah's Flood, begins on the Evening of Nov 3 ?
       hmmmmm......... November 3, 2020...... hmmmmm..... what happens on that Day ? hmmmmm.....
       Make of that what you will.....

       But, now you know........


          Added Oct 1, 2020
     Belarus soon to be "Back in the Fold".

https://thehill.com/opinion/international/518121-russian-forces-are-now-in-belarus esp 2nd paragraph



Added Sept 9, 2020

Troop presence in Iraq getting quite low i.e. "No strength to Stand" Dan 11:15


     Added Aug 28, 2020
     Up a Notch....

     Added Aug 25, 2020
interesting timing.....

     Added Aug 19, 2020
Belarus is on FIRE ! Methinks someone is about to make Lukashenko an offer to "come back into the       fold". EU and UN Emergency meeting are taking place right NOW !! And NATO can't be far behind !

     Added Aug 7, 2020
Please read the following article sloooowly, noting time-frame; August.
Carefully Watch Belarus this Sunday Aug 9 !!!


     Added July 30, 2020

     48 hour Notice ?
    Added July 29, 2020
     Soon ?

     Added July 28, 2020
     Three days before Tisha B'Av, at 3:30 in the afternoon..... look at what happened:
        hmmm.... we'll see.....

     Added July 24, 2020

     up a notch.....

Added July 19, 2020

Ukrainium Obtainium ? .... remembering that the Soviet Union cannot be an Empire w/o Ukraine.




and please see July 4 update below

Added July 18, 2020

This is not pleasant to think about, but you need to know this:
In Daniel the Seventh chapter, where the 4 Beasts are being described (please see cracking on this website) the fourth Beast which is the Soviet Union, especially in its Revived form, is described as fiercely violent (Dan 7:7, 19, 23 please read all 3 verses).  Like no other Beast/Empire ever. When Georgia was invaded, I think in '08, the Brutality was remarkably severe. But What's coming will be unbelievably worse. Here is a fore-gleam: 


When the veil is removed , Holy Cow !  But this is what's coming.

Added July 17, 2020


Please note Starting Date of this activity, Yup June 22. First full day of the "40 Days":

"Iran has seen weekly incidents, including explosions at a missile-production facility on June 22; the Natanz nuclear facility, Iran's largest uranium-enrichment center, on July 2; and an important shipyard in the port city of Bushehr on Wednesday."


Added July 4, 2020

While the World is focused elsewhere:


The Soviet Union cannot Reform without the Ukraine
The Ukraine is to the Soviet Union, as California is to the US.

Added July 2, 2020
Russia's Constitutional Referendum passes with overwhelming vote:
but please take special note of the 9th paragraph, "Along with the term-limit reset, the referendum included some 200 other amendments."  Which included provision for a "SUPREME LEADER". please see rferl.org link below in June 28th update. 

Added June 28, 2020

more on the New Constitutional Changes.....

note Paragraph 10:   "
to recognize Russia as the legal heir of the Soviet Union". Yup, we're there !!

please see subheading "Supreme Leader" in this Article, especially 1st paragraph. These Constitutional changes WEAKEN the current Presidential Powers. Think about that.

And please See 6th Paragraph in same subheading:  
"Writing the title "Supreme Leader" into the constitution would lay the groundwork
for a position whose authority exceeds that of the president". or put another way;
"The Supreme Leader of The New Soviet Union !!"

Added June 24, 2020

It would appear that the "40 days transition/sea-change" is coming on a-pace..... 
Today, Wed June 24, Russia held its Postponed "Massive" Victory-Day Parade. 


And tomorrow, voting begins on the Constitutional changes that will reduce The Russian Federation to just another Republic in the New Soviet Union. 
People think that this is a move to extend Putin's Presidency, but it's not. It's a move designed to weaken the Russian Federation/Presidency to "just another republic" in The New Soviet Union by virtue of the Reduction of Presidential Powers.  

The vote starts tomorrow, June 25, and ends July 1. Once that is Accomplished, there is little to stop the Formulation of the New Soviet Union. 
It would appear that the "Transition/Sea-Change" is quite on Schedule.
And, noting the dates, please see:


Added June 21, 2020

Is this the "Quiet Beginning" Of the 40 Days ? dunno.... but it was announced, yes, on the 21st. And just a note here: The "40" periods in the Bible (days, weeks, years etc. etc.)that are always before a Major "Sea Change"/Transition, almost always start Quiescently, that is Quietly, and at the End get very active. Just something to thunk about. and please note that voting on the new constitutional changes begins on the 25th, and other important events/dates seem to be upcoming. we'll see.....


interesting timing....... who would you say is rising ? the King of the North, or the King of the South ??


interesting timing indeed.......

Added June 14, 2020

Daniel 11:13 indeed.....


Added June 9, 2020

As bad as the Locust Plagues have been this year in Africa, India, etc look at this !!

Yes, it says 8 Thousand times worse


Added June 2, 2020

Ruh-Roh.... look who just upped the Game.... interesting timing......18 days before it starts


New Official policy is essentially: Russia/Putin can use Nuclear Force if they even THINK you are going to hurt their Military or Gov't even with CONVENTIONAL WEAPONS !!!!

Added May 29, 2020

Dan 11:13 should Begin Full-Force, Very Very soon !!! Using the "Rule of 40", it prolly will start June 21st, 40 days before Tisha B'Av (July 30)-added May 6, 2020.

That's not a Calculated Date, as Jan 15/22 was, (please see reverse-o) 
It's Just My Best Guess. 

But Please Note: June 21, 2020, is.... 

1. The Summer Solstice(Jerusalem/Moscow time, yes the same exact Time, both places. Did you know that Moscow and Jerusalem are almost on the same Longitude? hence, the King of the North) 

2. The New Moon

3. It is also 40 days before Tisha B'Av, (it's that ol' 40 thang: There is always a "40" [days, weeks, years, etc. etc.] at the beginning of any Major Biblical "Sea-Change" and it might be noted here, that the beginning of a "40" can be a bit quiescent, that is; not necessarily with a big event, but we'll see.... but it is always a definite noteworthy day/event. but I've got a bad feeling about this one)

4. And a Solar Eclipse that transits first over Africa, Then The Middle-East....Then Yup, India&China....also Very Visible From Russia. Interesting Path, Yes ?
please see very Good animation at TimeAndDate
and don't forget to push the PLAY button, but you knew that...
all on the 21st.......hmmmm.... "curiouser and curiouser" indeed.....

(please note: The Summer Solstice is at 12:43am June 21, Jerusalem/Moscow time but it is 2:43pm (Pacific)-5:43pm (Eastern time) June 20, USA Mainland time)


Added April 16, 2020

While the rest of the world is looking elsewhere....
The US is rapidly leaving Iraq. The US Baghdad Embassy is now purdy much Alone. As per Dan 11:15:
Especially note first article, From Debka. Quote in first paragraph, "No US Troops now Remain in the Baghdad Region"!!!!!





Added March 24, 2020. -https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-51972974, (about half-way down the article) 

"Many suspect the reticence [for a Lock-Down in Russia] is directly connected to the constitutional vote and a desire to secure Mr Putin's route to re-election as soon as possible.
That process has moved so mysteriously fast from the very start it's been dubbed a "special operation"."

And That 'mysteriously fast process' began on Jan 15&22, 2020 THE EXACT REVERSAL DATES OF THE END OF THE SOVIET UNION in 1991/2 !! (Dec 25 & Jan 1, respectively, after adjusting for Heb Calendar, please see Reverse-O on this website)

Added March 22, 2020. -After Glancing at the following 2 articles, who would you say is better prepared for Daniel 11:15 ?


Some Good NEWS on the Pandemic ?


For Dan 11:13-17 to work out as this website you are reading believes, this Pandemic only has to run to the Middle/End of July, beginning of Aug (please see timeline chart) but that does not mean it will stop then, but Dan 11:13-etc. should really be rolling by then, and the conditions of Dan 11:15 i.e. "no strength to stand" appear to be abetted by this virus.
By July 30 (2020), Tisha B'Av, 7 years of Global peace should begin.  please see Out-of-the-Blue on this Website.


Added March 16, 2020.


Added March 11, 2020. Things are moving VERY rapidly in the Middle-East to Where the King-of-the-South will very very soon have "No Strength to withstand" as per Dan 11:15. (Fortified City is Baghdad Embassy) It would also seem that the Coronavirus would also fit the "No Strength to withstand" of Dan 11:15.

Added October 20, 2019. URGENT UPDATE !!! Daniel 11:13 is ON FIRE !!
The Events that are mentioned in the Bible at Dan 11:13 and that have been long awaited on this Website are now CLEARLY HAPPENING !! 
Please see: 
Please note last sentence in this following article, 
This, dear readers, is quite clearly Dan 11:13 !!:
And Please see :https://tomluongo.me/2019/10/19/new-middle-east-thank-putin/
especially note the comment in the first sentence
about Peace, and compare with Out-of-the-Blue on this website 

The Invasion/Occupation mentioned thereafter in that verse, and continuing on from there I think will begin
about Spring 2020, I'm thinkin' after Nisan 1, which is Sacred Jewish New year's Day. The thought is that it will begin in Earnest about Spring of 2020, and be completed around July-August 2020. To be continued...... 

And Please see, "Reverse-O Change-O" added Aug 2, 2019

Added July 25, 2019
. The Pattern of "Identical Reversal" of the Dissolution/ReForming of the Soviet Union keeps coming on apace. The Next Major step should occur on Sept 21-Oct 4, this year, 2019. (it did, please see Reverse-O Change-O) Which in 1993, was the violent Rioting in Moscow that led to the absolute end of the Soviet System. The process was completed with a new Constitution on Dec 12, and signed/sealed/&delivered on Dec 25, 1993.... This was exactly Reversed on Jan 15&22, 2020, which is the Exact same Date after adjusting for The Hebrew Calendar.

Added Dec 29, 2018 Things are moving VERY rapidly in the Middle-East to Where the King-of-the-South will have "No Strength to withstand" as per Dan 11:15 please see Here. (It would also seem that the Coronavirus would also fit the "No Strength to withstand" of Dan 11:15.-added Mar 11)

Added Dec 5, 2018. Must Read:  The Nascent Triumvirate Has Begun . and look who started it.
the "Triumvirate" is the New Soviet Union led by The-Man-of-Lawlessness, & the The Two-Horned False Prophet. as per Rev the 13 chapter. and please see here on this website.)

Added Oct 30, Compare THIS with Dan 11:13a

Added Oct 20, Up Another Notch, see Here

Added Oct 16,

My Original Date/Thought was that This process would begin on the Anniversary of the destruction of the Temple (that's a whole 'nother discussion) which was July 22 this year (2018) but nuttin' happened. But then I remembered that there is always a "40" (years or days) preamble to any major Biblical "Sea-Change" so I started looking at Aug 31-sept 1. 40 days later, And sure enough it started to pop, with the two largest Military Exercises in the World since WWII. Starting in the Middle-East, led by The King of the North (Russia and Co.)!! see Here, Here, & Here. Beginning on the EXACT Date.... And then it all seemed to fizzle, but here's my current thought.... It did begin Aug 31- Sept 1, and in the manner as the Scripture reads, which indicates a strong and dramatic increase of the force and presence of the King of the North in the middle-east. And it has done so very significantly from Aug 31-Sept 1..... My mistake was in expecting the core EVENT (invasion) to begin on Aug 31-Sept 1, when in fact the Scripture clearly indicates a PROCESS, which did begin on Aug31-Sept 1, "it's in the details", as they say.

Things appear to be escalating rapidly, as per Dan 11:13, see Here and Here and Here (note date)

Up Another Notch, see Here

Added Oct 3, 2018

Things appear to be escalating rapidly towards Dan 11:13, see Here and Here and Here (note date) 

Russia (new Soviet Union), is preparing herself very rapidly, stay tuned...... 

Added July 23, 2018

You should be aware of these news items:

Make sure you see the lower video here on Russia's new weapons systems

Note the timing of Russia divesting itself of U.S. Bonds Here.

Added November 13, 2017

Belt and Road, A 'sea-change' for the world.

Once again, the “One Super-Power World” is ending...... quite soon.....

Added June 21, 2017 w/o comment........
The "One Super-Power World" is ending.
Shanghai Cooperation Organization

Added Nov 22, 2016......

Please, please, be aware that by the end of 2019/first part of 2020, the United States (king of south) will be so weak in terms of the middle-east that the conditions described at Daniel 11:15b "no strength to withstand" will exist. Daniel 11:15 takes place at the US Embassy in the green-zone. Also look for possible extreme chaos within the US. Financially, politically, and socially.  the events relating to the US Embassy in the green-zone/Dan 11:15 have been mentioned on this site for YEARS. '

"King-of-the-South's" presence in the Middle-East will be entirely restricted to the Baghdad Embassy. Which is truly a "Fortified City". In fact, it is the "Fortified City" of Daniel 11:15. Sticking out like a sore-thumb, just waiting for Daniel 11:13 to start in 2019.  (see also Timeline) Do some research on the construction of this Embassy. It is consistently referred to as a "Fortress"and/or a "Fortified City".
The Bible says what it means. Again, just amazing.

"and the arms of the south shall not withstand, neither his best troops, neither shall there be any strength to withstand." Daniel 11:15-17
7 yrs. of global peace begin at this time......see Out-of-the-Blue on this website. (unfortunately followed by 7 yrs. of global wars)

Added on April 26, 2014....
Just a quick comment on the situation in the Ukraine. 
The Ukraine will be re-united with Mother Russia. As was mentioned on this site some time ago "Ukraine is to Russia [soviet union] as California is to the United States" i.e. essential
But Dan 11:13 won't start until about 2018. And it appears that Putin will have reformulated the Soviet Union by then. His
replacement starts Daniel 11:13, then he, in turn, is replaced..... and then a "vile person" arrogates rulership power to himself, apparently without election (Daniel 11:21).

**Please, Please, carefully read the following.......

( WRITTEN IN 2011)

20 years ago on August 19-24, 1991 the Soviet Union Began it's Death-Throes; Gorbachev was put under house arrest and the unraveling of the Soviet Union began it's inexorable progression.
Exactly 19 years later (One Metonic Cycle*,) on the exact same date,  Aug 19-24, 2010,  Medvedev called for the forming of a Union of Super-States of the former Republics. www.EuraisaReview.com

20 years ago from Dec 8 to Dec 12, 1991 the
CIS was formed, (Commonwealth of Independent States, made up of former Soviet Republics) and the Soviet Union began its Official Dissolving.
Exactly 19 years later (One Metonic Cycle) on Dec 10, 2010, the CIS met and Officially signed over 20 Treaties combining their Militaries, data-bases, inter-state commerce (Free-Trade Zone), law enforcement etc., etc. Thus, no longer Independent, but Interdependent. a de facto nascent new Soviet Union.

20 years ago, on Dec 21, 1991 The CIS gathered and reaffirmed the decisions made earlier
in the month.(Dec 8-12) With the Alma-Ata Protocol, (note date in article) re-confirming the dissolution of the USSR 
Exactly 19 years later (One Metonic Cycle) on Dec 21, 2010, the CIS met and re-affirmed the decisions made earlier in the month on Dec 10 with regard to reintegrating the CIS members (see news article immediately below).

Hence, on the three exact same dates 19 years apart the reciprocal (Reversing) event has occurred.....

20 years ago on Dec 25, 1991, Gorbachev resigned, and the Soviet Union ended, one day later it Officially ended, Dec 26. And all Official functions of the USSR ended on Dec 31, 1991. And the process was complete by January 1, 1992. However,
The Soviet System did not end until 2 years later on December 25, 1993 !!
If the pattern continues, on Dec 25 (26-Jan 1) 2019, the  Soviet ReUnion will emerge....

The sequence of events that lead to its Dissolution (Starting on Aug 19, 1991, see above)
have reversed identically.

The Soviet Union's "Death-Stroke"
is healing....... Rev 13:3 (compare w/ Rev 17:9-11, note: the Eighth King is a reformulation of the Seventh, i.e. the USSR....
"The beast which was and is not, is himself also an eighth [King] and is one of the seven [in it's new form].....NASB)

And please see “Out-of-the-Blueon this Website.

"curiouser and curiouser........"